28 November 2019, Thursday

Opening session — 17:30/18:30
with Teresa Calix (FAUP), Sergio Fernandez and Pedro Baía

Lecture by Joan Ockman —18:30/20:00 
presented by Francisco Ferreira (EAUM)

29 November 2019, Friday

PhD working session — 14:30/16:00
chaired by Óscar Ares Álvarez and Tiago Lopes Dias
presentations by Ilaria La Corte, Bruno Baldaia and João Luís Marques

Joelho — Team 10: Debate and Media in Portugal and Spain — 16:30/18:00
presented by Jorge Figueira and Gonçalo Canto Moniz

Lecture by Tom Avermaete —18:30/20:00 
presented by Luís Urbano (FIMS)

30 November 2019, Saturday

Habitat — 09:30/11:00
chaired by Nelson Mota and Tiago Lopes Dias
presentations by Ana Luísa Rodrigues, Paolo Sustersic and Esperanza Campaña

Networks — 11:30/13:00
chaired by Carolina B. García Estévez and Pedro Baía
presentations by Nuno Grande, Julio Garnica and Leonor Matos Silva

Media — 14:30/16:00
chaired by Joaquim Moreno
presentations by Jorge Figueira, Carlos Machado e Moura and Ana Esteban-Maluenda

Lecture by Łukasz Stanek —16:30/18:00 
presented by José António Bandeirinha (DARQ)

Closing debate — 18:30/20:00
chaired by Nelson Mota (TU Delft)
with Joan Ockman, Tom Avermaete and Łukasz Stanek