Joelho n.10 (2019)
Team 10: Debate and Media in Portugal and Spain 
Guest Editors: Nuno Correia, Pedro Baía, Carolina B. García Estévez

For issue n.10, the journal Joelho proposes to deepen the knowledge about the means of diffusion in the Iberian Peninsula on the ideas coming out of the Team 10 meetings held in Europe between 1953 and 1981. The articles published in Joelho n.10 focus on the following topics:

Debate — A series of meetings, exhibitions and congresses took place in Portugal and Spain in order to discuss the housing problem and the growth of cities, thus reflecting the debate that was taking place in Team 10 meetings, even when the main theme of those events was not the debate produced by Team 10 itself.

Media — In general, architectural magazines were one of the main medias to spread Team 10 message. Both in Portugal and Spain, different kinds of periodicals kept giving news of the debate generated in those Team 10 meetings and publishing the works of some of their protagonists. However, publications in all forms are suggested for further exploration and debate, such as: architectural magazines, books, manifestos, television shows, radio programmes or documentaries.

Protagonists — There are also many groups or individual personalities who helped to spread and criticize Team 10 ideas and projects. In order to frame the reception and diffusion of Team 10 ideas through Portugal and Spain, it is suggested to recover the influence of the most important contacts between Iberian protagonists and Team 10 members.

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